25 May 2010

If you've got a problem and no body else can help...

Ever wondered why I'm so crazy about jewellery? Every asked why Jess loves 'Vettes so much? Or why my Mother is so proud of her grey hair? Or why Dad's smile makes him so popular? Why is Tiff always talking silly stuff to herself or to stuffed animals, and why is Jen always trying to get her to be quiet? Well...Maybe you didn't know what big A-Team fans my family is. Here's a pic I drew a couple years back (note: Tiff's short). Also, if you haven't watched this legendary 80's classic yet, well, I pity the ... uh, never mind.
My other blog entry on this topic: http://jensimms.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!4FE7119B73BF5624!811.entry
Let's hope the new movie due June 11th can live up to the show.
"Team is everything!"